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Depoe Bay Adventure

24 Apr

depoe bay 2

You guys!  Oh my goodness, we went to Depoe Bay yesterday, and it was fabulous!  The weather was perfect, and the scenery was so beautiful.  One of my favorite things we did was explored some really cool, secluded beaches where you had to hike on narrow trails to get to them.  It was peaceful because there wasn’t very many people around, making it feel like you had the place to yourself!  I guess this bay is a great place for whale watching, but we didn’t see any while we were there.

To end our adventure we went to this really yummy restaurant for dinner where they served amazing, fresh seafood.  The restaurant had huge windows overlooking the bay, and the view was breathtaking.

Jonathan and I both agreed that one of the things we will miss most about our time in Corvallis is living so close to the Oregon Coast.  I feel so lucky that we can just take off for an afternoon to the beach.

Happy Wednesday friends!


Weekend Hike

8 Jan

epic hike 2

Good morning!  How are you all doing today?  How is your week going?  My week is going good, but I am finding that is is hard to get back into the swing of things.  Anyone else feel that way?  I am excited for all of my classes, and I am excited to get to work on my goals for the year, but it all feels a little daunting too.  There is just so much I want to accomplish before we move to Milwaukee. This year in Oregon has goon by so fast, and it is hard to believe we only have 5 and a half months left!

As, I said before, Jonathan and I went on a really cool hike over the weekend.  You can’t really tell from the picture but we are up really high.  There is this amazing forrest behind our apartment with tons of trails, and it is a great way to be in nature in a short amount of time.

We have found that getting outside and walking/hiking has done amazing things for our mental health.  This is something I MUST remember throughout my life because no matter how I am feeling, if I get outside and walk, I always feel better!  It is also a great time for good conversation.  Jonathan and I always have fun talking about life and the future as we tromp through the forrest (or neighborhood)!

So, I highly recommend taking a quick break from your day and walking.  You can walk anywhere as long as it is outside, and I promise, it will feel good!  And, it is a great way to explore your city!

Have a great day!

Explore Your City: LUC

13 Nov

Hi!  I am thinking about adding another column to my blog where I highlight different areas of the city we are living in.  I thought this would be fun since  we are new to Corvallis and are loving the opportunity we have to explore a new town.  I think it is important to embrace the city you are living in and find the beauty that surrounds you.  For now, I will be calling this column, Explore Your City.

To start, I wanted to highlight this amazing restaurant we went to the other night in downtown Corvallis.  It is called LUC and you can view the restaurant website here.  LUC’s menu is made from all fresh, local ingredients and they change it every week.  Everything that we ordered was SO yummy.  They also have an extensive drink menu filled with delicious cocktails, beer and wine.  We decided to order their Rye Manhattan and it was perfect.

We were also impressed with the aesthetic/decor of the restaurant.  The food was served on beautiful china and the atmosphere was a perfect balance of modern and vintage.  If you ever find yourself in Corvallis, I highly recommend it.  We already plan to go back next week!

Have a great day!

Ps. I have added a couple new designs to my Christmas card collection and you can view them here.  Let me know what you think!