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Pretty White

11 Apr

Hi there!  Lately I am obsessed with white.  Like can’t get enough, want to paint every wall obsessed!  I just love how white things are so cleaning and simple looking.  What do you think?  Do you love white too?  Here are a few pretty pictures from around the web.

sun pic


afroart kuddar (1 av 1)


white room


dining table

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Inspiration No. 3

13 Mar

Hi friends!  Happy Wednesday!  We are already halfway through the week!  After having such a sunny weekend in Corvallis, I have had spring on the brain so I thought I would do a floral inspiration board today.  I just love all the beautiful flowers and colors.

inspiration floral

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Inspiration No. 2

21 Feb

Good afternoon friends!  I have another inspiration post for you guys today.  I have been finding inspiration in many diverse places lately, and one of them has been textures and patterns.

inspiration 2

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Inspiration No. 1

5 Feb

Hello!  And, happy Tuesday!  Can you believe it is already February!  It feels like the months are just flying by!

I am looking forward to school today because my drawing class is taking a day off of drawing, and heading out to an art exhibit.  When I was in Europe I got a little burnt out of museums, but now that it has been awhile, I am starting to miss them!  Do you like going to art museums?

Today I have rounded up a few images that are inspiring me.  I am in love with the beauty of sunlight in a room and the color white.  Enjoy!

inspiration 1

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