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It’s the Christmas Season!

27 Nov

I am so excited because we are entering such a fun time of year!  Jonathan has the day off today so we plan to go Christmas tree shopping and then hang our stockings.  As a newly married couple, we get the opportunity to make a lot of new Christmas traditions together, and it is so much fun!

Last year we decided to only exchange stockings between the two of us.  I had such a great time picking out special, meaningful gifts for him (and it is amazing how much you can actually stuff into a stocking!).  Another one of our favorite traditions is going to New York City in early December for a fun, winter getaway.  Some of the things we like to do while we are there are go Christmas shopping, see all the amazing Christmas decorations and ice skate in Central Park with hot cocoa.  But, this year we decided to do something a little different since we far away from home.  We decided to fly to Spokane to see our friends, stay in a hotel downtown and experience the wonderfulness of a Spokane Christmas since we would otherwise miss out.  I think this was a good choose even though we LOVE New York.  And, there is always next year!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Photo Source: and pinned by Amanda Jane Jones


Traveling craziness

15 Oct

Happy Monday friends!  How was your weekend?  Mine ended up being SUPER crazy.  So last week I told you I was heading to Spokane for the weekend and, well…getting there turned out to be an insane experience.  Here is a quick recap of what happened.

Jonathan had just come off the night shift and had to take a test in a different town on Friday.  I picked him up in that town right after his test with our bags packed and we left for the airport.  We were about 80 miles from the airport.  At that point we had plenty of time.

It was raining really hard so the cars were driving a little slower than usual but we still had plenty of time so far.  Then we took our exit onto the next highway leading to the airport and we were were about 30 miles away.  One minute into that drive all cars were at a complete stop.

Fast forward about an hour and we are still at a stop and we have only gone about 15 miles.  When we checked our phones 10 miles out from the airport it said we still had 1 hour and 50 minutes to go!  And our flight leaves in 30 minutes.

Fast forward another 30 minutes – we have only gone 2 miles and have completely missed our flight!  The traffic was SO insane.  I have never seen it like that.  We ended up parking our car at the airport about an hour after the flight had taken off and it took another 30 minutes to get to the terminal because all the shuttle buses were also backed up in traffic.

Once we got to the airport, we found out the next flight wasn’t unit the next day and we would have to wait until the morning to fly out.  Pretty much everyone at the airport had missed their flights and were trying to re-book so every flight through every airline was full.  So crazy!

Needless to say, we did make it to the Spokane on Saturday morning and had a wonderful 2 days there.  It went really fast but we had a great time.  We were even able to fit in a Greenbluff trip (which if you ever go to Spokane in the fall, this is a must activity).  We were so happy to see our friends and celebrate fall in Spokane.

Here are a couple instagram photos from the trip.  The above photo was at Greenbluff and we were picking out pumpkins.

(Above) Beautiful streets in my old neighborhood and (below) my sweet sister and her husband.

(Above) One of our favorite restaurants in Spokane (and the place we had our rehearsal dinner!).

Washington Trip

9 Oct

Here are a few fun snap shots from our trip to Washington this past weekend.  While we were visiting, my mother-in-law wanted to do a mini family photo shoot at the pumpkin patch for Christmas cards.  My sister-in-law, Laura, is an awesome photographer and she took most of the family photos (see her website here).  I took the other pictures (mostly with instagram) throughout the weekend.  We had lots of the fun at the pumpkin patch picking out cool pumpkins and playing with our cute nieces and nephews.  PS. Aren’t all my nieces and nephews ADORABLE!

Overall, the wedding was fabulous and seeing family was just what we needed.  I am so thankful for the trip and can’t wait to visit again!

Happy Friday

14 Sep

Hello dear friends and Happy Friday to you!  What are your weekend plans?  I am heading to Seattle for the weekend and I am so excited!  Two of my best friends will be in Seattle at the same time and I am really looking forward to seeing them.

The above picture is a picture of a street in the historic Mississippi District in Portland.  I have been splitting my weeks between Corvallis and Portland since Jonathan is working in Portland for the month.  The program rents a cute apartment in the Mississippi neighborhood for the residents to live in while they are working in Portland.

I had never been to the Mississippi District before but I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in Portland.  It is a charming neighborhood on the other side of the river from downtown and it is loaded with fun restaurants and bars (and a really yummy ice cream shop!).

The other night Jonathan and I went on a fun date to this restaurant called Equinox in the Mississippi neighborhood.  We walked to it from the apartment and the sun was setting just as we were getting to the restaurant.  It was a beautiful sight.  And, the restaurant was fabulous too!  We sat in their charming garden patio where there were pretty white lights and red umbrellas.  (You can see part of it in the picture)

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

Austin Adventures

6 Sep

Most of you know, two weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Austin, Texas.  One of my best friends moved down there over a year ago and I have been wanting to visit her for awhile.  Well, I finally got the opportunity to go and I had the most amazing time!  Austin is wonderful and if you ever get the opportunity to go, take it!

First and foremost, it was so wonderful getting to spend some quality time with my beautiful friend, Leah.  We have always been kindred spirits and I am so thankful that I was able to have some time with her just the two of us.  She lives in a lovely part of Austin, close to downtown and in quite a charming neighborhood.

But not only did I get some amazing one-on-one time with one of my best friends, I also got to see so many fun restaurants and neighborhoods!  I feel like I don’t stay up very late anymore (I am getting old!) but not while I was in Austin – we stayed out late every night and had so much fun!  I really needed an adventure and adventure is what I got!  Thank you Leah!  We saw so many cool places and I am grateful for every minute!

One place I feel like I need to highlight in particular is the Midnight Cowboy.  This is a new bar (speakeasy style) that recently opened up in Austin where a reservation is necessary.  Leah had heard about it and called a week in advance to make a reservation and the only opening they had was at midnight!  This bar is unique because it is located in the heart of what Austin calls the dirty six.  The dirty six is sixth street in downtown Austin on weekend nights and it is super crazy!  The street is closed off to cars and it is full of really rowdy people.  But the Midnight Cowboy chose the dirty six as their location because they wanted to be a safe haven from all of the madness (and it sure was!).  So let me paint you a picture.  The Midnight Cowboy  doesn’t have a sign.  You have to know the address and look for a little red lightbulb out front.  Next to the door is a row of names with corresponding buttons.  You have to look for the name ‘Harry Craddick’ and buzz in.  Someone will appear at the door and ask you for your password.  If you have the right one (they give it to you when you make the reservation) then you will be let in.  Once inside it is a calm oasis filled with wonderful music and old world charm.  You really feel like you have been transported into a different era.  The experience was exceptional!  If you ever find yourself in Austin, you definitely have to try out the Midnight Cowboy.

Happy Thursday!

Happy Friday: Austin Bound!

24 Aug

Happy Friday friends! I am so happy it’s Friday because today I am boarding a plane to Austin TX! One of my best friends moved to Austin a little over a year ago and I have been trying to plan a trip ever since. Have you ever been to Austin before? I haven’t but I have heard so many wonderful things about it and I am looking forward to this little adventure. Awhile back, Jonathan and I decided I should plan a couple trips while he was working in Portland and this is my first one!

I am looking forward to seeing Austin but I am also really excited to visit Leah. I have felt very deprived of friends since we have been in Oregon, especially because I still don’t know anyone here, so this will be a real treat! I think it will be really good for me to have some quality time with one of my best friends. Leah and I met in college and have been kindred spirits ever since. Our time together is always filled with laughter and deep conversation. And oh how I can’t wait for both of those things.

I will report back on all the wonder of Austin and my time there when I get back. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

silver falls trip

8 Aug

Today I wanted to share some photos with you of our Silver Falls trip a couple weeks ago.  This place is a hidden gem that you must visit if you are in the area.  Silver Falls is a state park in Oregon and is about 45 mins away from where we live.  It is a beautiful state park with swimming areas, camping sites, a fun cafe AND a huge 8 something mile trail that takes you to a bunch of different beautiful waterfalls.  We started at the South Falls and from the trail head you already get to see the first big waterfall.  We probably only hiked a couple miles (as we didn’t really prepare for a major hike) but in the time we spend there we say two huge waterfalls and tons of beautiful scenery.  It is definitely worth making a trip if you are in the area!

visiting home

25 Jul
This past weekend we flew to Spokane to visit friends and family.  And it was wonderful!!  We were also able to visit all the new local spots in town that we had been hearing about such as Coeur Coffee, Boots and Clover – all of them were fantastic!  If you ever find yourself in Spokane, make sure to send me a message because I will tell about all the great places you have to try while you are there.
We also got to spend quality time with many of our close friends.  It was important for me to try and plan ahead with friends as much as we could before we got there because I knew the trip would be a whirl wind and I didn’t won’t to leave anything out!   Have you ever lived away from your family and friends?  What was it like when you would visit?
One of the highlights from our trip turned out to be quite a simply, unplanned moment. On the last day we were in town I went over to my sister’s new apartment and we hung out there just the two of us.  We sat on the couch in the living room of her fourth floor apartment with the windows open and the sun shining it.  We just talked and laughed and it was magical.  
As much as I like to plan, sometimes the unplanned moments take me by surprise and end up being quite perfect.
*The above picture is of my sister’s apartment.

instagram photos: kennewick

17 Jul
Here are a few photos from our trip to Kennewick.  The first picture is of my nephew, Grey.  Isn’t he the cutest?!  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law took us out on their boat on the Columbia River and we had a blast!  (Thank you April and Cameron!)  We had a lot of fun being out on the water and soaking up some sun.  
We had so much fun being home and spending some quality time with family.  Since we will only be in the Pacific Northwest for another year, we want to take as many opportunities as we can to see family.  

Oregon Coast fun!

9 Jul
Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I told you on Friday that Jonathan and I were going to head to the coast over the weekend and I wanted to share a few pictures with you from our trip.  We have loved having the beach only an hour away and have tried to take every opportunity we can to go out there. 
This time we decided to drive up just for the evening and head back after sunset.  We got into town just in time for some yummy dinner at a local restaurant along the bay and ordered fish tacos and a crab po-boy – both were amazing!  After we walked along the bay for a bit and then headed down to the beach with our firewood and lawn chairs in hand.  It was perfect timing to have a fire on the beach and roast marshmallows while the sun went down.  Jonathan and I both decided it was a beautiful time we will always remember. 
Moving to a new city has been such a transition but I am thankful for all the memories we will make and new things we will experience.    Thank you for taking this journey with me!