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It’s Picnic Time!

9 May

picnic season 1


Hello!  How is your week been treating you?  Ours has been pretty busy like usual!  As I am nearing the end of my program, the projects are piling in, and I am definitely starting to feel the pressure!  But, for the most part, the projects are pretty fun and exciting so I can’t complain.

Yesterday morning Jonathan finished up a 24 hour shift (thats right, 24 HOURS of work!), so we decided to celebrate with a curry picnic.  The weather is getting consistently nicer each day making it officially picnic season!  So we packed up a our tasty curry dinner with some mason jars and a bottle of wine and headed to the park.  It was fabulous being out in the sunshine soaking up some  fresh air!

I also thought it would be fun to round up some picnic season essentials.  The fabulous Kinfolk partnered with Apolis to bring us this picnic/garden bag.  Isn’t it amazing?!

picnic essentials


1. Comfortable Tee 2. Picnic Bag 3. Sandals


Happy Friday

17 Aug

Happy Friday everyone!  What are your plans for the weekend?  Jonathan and I plan to have a very fun but relaxing weekend because he starts one of his hardest rotations on Monday.  He will actually have to spend the entire month out of town at another hospital.  Since I can’t go with him, we want to have as much fun as we can before he has to leave.  While he is away I have made some travel plans to visit friends.  One of the places I am going to is Austin, TX to visit my friend Leah, and I am SO excited.  It is such a bummer that Jonathan has to be away for a month but I am trying to make the most of it.

The above pictures are from when Jonathan and I went blueberry picking last weekend.  We had heard from a lot of people in Corvallis that it is a MUST-DO thing in the area.  And I agree with the locals, it was wonderful!  And the blueberries were oh-so-tasty!  One of the things I used them for was the toppings on my cupcakes which you can see here.

While we were out picking blueberries, we decided to go to some other farms and pick up some fresh vegetables while we were out.  We picked some yummy tomatoes and Jalapeño peppers and made an amazing salsa fresca along with a couple other tasty things.  I am sharing this because it turned out to be a really fun date that I want to suggest to you if you are looking for something to do on one of your last summer Saturdays.  We spent the morning picking fruits and vegetables and then took them home to cook up a fun summer picnic.  Then we packed up all our stuff and went to the park with all our fresh foods and had an al fresco picnic.  It was fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Happy Friday!