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Looking Ahead

7 May

milwaukee map

Can you believe it is already May 7th!  I feel like this year is flying by, and I can barely catch my breath!  Jonathan and I are starting to look ahead because we realized we are moving to Milwaukee in six weeks!  I seriously can’t believe it!

To be honest, I have so many different emotions about moving.  Mostly, I am SO excited!  It will be so fun to explore a new city.  I am looking forward to feeling more settled too.  It has been weird living in Oregon, knowing we will be moving in a year.  With Milwaukee, we will be able to settle into the community and make friends.

On the other hand, I am overwhelmed by all the things we have to do before we leave.  My to do list seems to double in size every day!  And, it will be a major adjustment to live so far away from our friends and family!

But overall, I am overjoyed to move to Milwaukee!  I am ready for a change and an adventure!  I found the above picture when I was doing some research for a school project and I thought it was such fun map of the city.  It was designed by Marisa Seguin, and you can check out her other illustrations here!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!