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Crushing on…

3 May

Good morning! Happy Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I am super excited because Jonathan and I are headed to Spokane for the weekend!  The annual Bloomsday race is on Sunday in Spokane so we plan to run it.  As most of you know, I am not a runner but my sister and I plan to run as much as we can and then just have fun walking the rest.  I am also really excited to see all our friends one more time before our big move!

Here is what I have been crushing on lately.  I LOVE this striped pencil skirt from J. Crew!  It’s just so beautiful and you could wear it with so many different things!

crushing on_5.2.13

1. Cute tank 2. Pencil skirt 3. Wedges

Ps.  Sorry if you got an email last night about this post, my blog was acting strange!  Have a great weekend!


Fashion Secret No. 1

12 Dec

Hi friends!  Happy Wednesday!  Well, it is the middle of the week, and there are only two weeks left until Christmas.  Can you believe it?!  I am spending my days designing, packaging, crafting and wrapping presents in hopes that I can get everything done in time!  But, I have to say, I really don’t mind the Christmas season whirlwind this year.  Every year I do the usual Christmas preparation, but this year it feels different.  I think I am learning to enjoy all the in-between moments leading up to Christmas just as much as the actual event.  Is this a part of growing up?  If so, I will take it!  How has your Christmas season been treating you?

looks we love_dec 2012

Today I wanted to share with you one of my little fashion secrets for living on a budget.  If I am being honest, sometimes my own wardrobe can start looking pretty shabby compared to all the cute clothes I am buying as Christmas presents for other people. So, today I have a great solution to the “holiday wardrobe blues”.  When I am feeling frustrated with my wardrobe, and get the “I don’t have ANYTHING to wear” feeling, I just log onto J. Crew.  J.Crew.com has an amazing section called Looks We Love where they style different pieces of their clothing into really cute, unique outfits.  Now, this is the fun part – I like to find similar pieces of clothing from my own closet and style them into outfits I would have never thought of before.  This way you can get new outfits without even spending a dime!  I promise, it works!  And, there are many other clothing sites that have similar sections such as Madewell.  The above photo is an example of my one my favorite outfits J. Crew styled for the holidays and the below photo is a fun Christmas party outfit from Madewell!

looks we love_madewell_dec 2012

What are some of your fashion secrets?

Picture sources: J. Crew’s Looks We Love outfit found here and Madewell Looks We Love outfit found here.

Crushing on…

30 Oct

Hello!  Tomorrow is Halloween, and I am so excited!  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  I think I am going to be a ballerina again this year (I am a ballerina almost every year because wearing the tutu makes me so happy!).

Here are a few things I am crushing on today.  Have any of you heard of the Kinfolk magazine before?  It’s fabulous!  It is a collaboration made by many talented designers and creative folk who have a shared interest in beautiful small gatherings and tasty food.  Check it out!  Also, I just love this pretty blouse by Madewell.

1. Love this blouse by Madewell 2. The enchanting Kinfolk Magazine Vol. Four 3. Cute pillow from West Elm