It’s Picnic Time!

9 May

picnic season 1


Hello!  How is your week been treating you?  Ours has been pretty busy like usual!  As I am nearing the end of my program, the projects are piling in, and I am definitely starting to feel the pressure!  But, for the most part, the projects are pretty fun and exciting so I can’t complain.

Yesterday morning Jonathan finished up a 24 hour shift (thats right, 24 HOURS of work!), so we decided to celebrate with a curry picnic.  The weather is getting consistently nicer each day making it officially picnic season!  So we packed up a our tasty curry dinner with some mason jars and a bottle of wine and headed to the park.  It was fabulous being out in the sunshine soaking up some  fresh air!

I also thought it would be fun to round up some picnic season essentials.  The fabulous Kinfolk partnered with Apolis to bring us this picnic/garden bag.  Isn’t it amazing?!

picnic essentials


1. Comfortable Tee 2. Picnic Bag 3. Sandals


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