Color Theory No. 2

7 Mar

Good morning friends!  Today I have the next post in my color theory series to share with you.  In the first post we talked a little about the color wheel, and today I would like to talk about color harmonies.  Color harmonies are different colors within the color wheel that create a pleasing effect to the eye and are grouped by their location in the color wheel.  Today I wanted to illustrate complementary color.  Complementary colors are two colors that sit opposite of one another on the color wheel.  A few examples are yellow/violet, red/green and blue/orange.  I chose to do the complementary colors, blue and orange, and I have showed you an example below.  In this picture, the artist only used tints and shades of blue and orange to display their art.

color theory no. 2

(Image source / via)

What do you think of this color harmony?  Do you like these two colors together?  Do you think they create a pleasing effect?


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