Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper Two Ways

14 Dec

Happy Friday!  I am so happy it is almost the weekend!  It has been a busy week so I am excited to do a little relaxing and go on a date with my fabulous husband!

Wrapping cover

Today I have a basic DIY for you!  I thought I would share with you my favorite gift wrapping tricks.  First and foremost, my favorite way to wrap gifts is with brown kraft paper.  It is a must craft item I keep in my house at all times.  I love it because you can make all your gifts look different depending on how you want to accent the kraft paper.  Below I have showed you two ways I love to wrap my gifts with kraft paper.  There are millions of other great ways to wrap presents, but these are just a couple of fun examples!

wrapping display 1

Vintage Tags:  All you will need for this is kraft paper, a fun type of twine and vintage tags.  For mine, I used red and white striped twine, and I wrapped it around the gift three times.  Then, I tied a bow with the tag attached to the twine.

Painted Letter:  For this gift you will need kraft paper, paint, a paint brush and a stencil of the letter of your choice.  I securely placed the letter stencil on the top of the wrapped gift, and then painted the inside of the stencil red.  I also accented the red letter with a little bit of gold paint.  Voila!

What is your favorite gift wrapping tips?


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