Christmas Project Released!

22 Oct

Good morning friends!  I am so excited because today is the day I finally get to release to you the Christmas Project I have been working on!  For the past month I have been working hard designing some Christmas cards for you.  Awhile back I had received some requests from clients and family to design their Christmas cards so I thought it would be fun to open them up to you as well.  I have had a lot of fun working on these designs and the styles I chose are a fun alternative to the traditional Christmas card.

To view my entire collection, you can click the Christmas Card link at the top right of my blog or click here.  There you will find all my designs as well as pricing and ordering information.  You can also purchase my Christmas cards on Etsy here.

Below, I have highlighted a few of the designs you will find from my collection.  Enjoy!

To view my entire collection, click here.

*Top and bottom photo are by Ben Blood and the middle photo is by Kristen Marie.


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  1. Holly October 22, 2012 at 5:44 pm #


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