Crushing on…

18 Oct

Hi friends!  I am sorry there hasn’t been as much content on my blog the last couple weeks.  My Christmas Project has been taking up a lot of my time but I CAN’T WAIT to show it to you.  I have been working really hard on it and I am so excited.  Remember, the release date is 10.22.12 which is this Monday!  So it is definitely coming up soon!

Today I have some lovely goods that I have been crushing on lately.  I am on the hunt for a cute winter coat and I just can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for.  I really want a cape style coat that is still in the form of a warm winter coat and has full length arms.  The coat below is sooo close but I am not sure I am in love with the color.  But still, it is close!  And, I can’t wait for the day when I can put wallpaper on my walls (well, probably just one wall).  I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!  Stay tuned on Monday for the Christmas Project Release!

1. Coat from Mod Cloth 2. Fun wallpaper by Anthropologie 3. I need this table lamp for my desk by West Elm 4. Scarf at Mod Cloth and designed by the fabulous Elsie at A Beautiful Mess


One Response to “Crushing on…”

  1. Holly October 18, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    I love you Michele. I can’t wait for your Christmas release.

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