DIY: Magazine Wrapping Paper

16 Oct

I have a fun and very easy DIY project for you.  I am introducing a new column to my blog where we will be transforming household items into new fun things.  The first item we will transform are magazine pages.  I seem to accumulate tons of magazines around my house and here is a fun way to use all those magazines.  Today we are making wrapping paper out of magazine pages.  This project only requires four materials and you will probably have it all lying around your house!

Materials: Magazine (my favorite is Anthropologie), tape, twine and gift tag

Instructions: 1. Gather your materials. 2. Choose the magazine pages you like and arrange them in a large square/rectangle shape (the size will depend on the object you would like to wrap).  Then tape them all together on the front and back.  You don’t need to tape the entire edge of each piece, just parts of them.  3.  Wrap your gift with the paper and then wrap twine around the gift with a tag.  I used a cute vintage tag for mine.  And you are done!  It is that easy!  I hope you enjoy.


One Response to “DIY: Magazine Wrapping Paper”

  1. Holly October 16, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    I love this post Michele. This wrapping paper is amazing and I love that it is completely free. Love you.

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