things that make me happy: 4th of july edition

3 Jul
Today I wanted to post another column about things that make me happy right now.  Here are some must have items to celebrate the Fourth of July in style!  What do you have planned for tomorrow?  Will you be watching the fireworks?  Jonathan and I are going to be in Portland tomorrow for our Fourth of July celebration.  The plan is to shop, sip and dine!  And maybe find some fireworks if we can.
Have a wonderful day!
Sources: 1. summer dress from Ruche 2. must have sunglasses from Warby Parker 3. Sparklers from Etsy 4. Chevron pillow from West Elm
Ps. I am thinking about starting a weekly column called things that make me happy.  In this column I will highlight things that have been inspiring me lately or just some happy finds in general.  What are your thoughts?

One Response to “things that make me happy: 4th of july edition”

  1. Marcelle haynes July 3, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Michelle tell johnathen, his mom a is the nicest friend I have ever had she is so loving and truly excepts me as I am, and even though we are 1660.00 miles a parts she always makes time for me. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother law. I just love her , and Don just thinks the most of Ronald he truly loves him to., go to Vancouver tomorrow if you can, their firework show at the ft is bigger then port lands, and very big.

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