26 Jun
Enchante in French means, I’m very pleased to meet you.  Or at least something like that. 
As a part of my year of art, I have also decided to take a French class.  It is a summer course I found at the Community College in Corvallis.  The actual title is called, “French for Travelers.”  For awhile now Jonathan and I have been talking about taking a trip to Paris.  Originally, we were thinking this fall but we might change our plans and go in the spring.  We really wanted to have an exciting trip planned this year because we knew it was going to be a very intense year for both of us.  Also, I have never learned any languages other than sign language so I decided it was time start and why not with one of the most beautiful!
Why Paris you ask?  Well, there are a couple of reason.  I have spent some time in Europe over the last few of years (actually when I went two years ago for a couple months, I started this blog!) but I never got to go with Jonathan.  Jonathan has never been to Europe and I have been desperately wanting to take him!  To me, Europe is full of so much mystery and enchantment and it is definitely my happy place.  To be able to go there with Jonathan would be a dream.  And Paris specifically because I have recently started following this wonderful blog called oh happy day and she and her family moved to Paris for a year and wrote about their experiences and it was magical!  Paris wasn’t by any means my favorite but I would say France as a whole was one of my favorites and I think Jonathan would love it.  Also, after seeing this picture how could you not want to go!  Well, maybe it is just me and my extreme love for peonies.
(photo from oh happy day taken at one of the many beautiful outdoor markets in Paris)
I will keep you posted on my class and our travels.  If you could plan your ideal trip anywhere, where would you go?

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