rainy day thoughts

4 Apr

It is weird that we finally know where we will be moving.  For almost a year I desperately wanted to know where we would be moving and now I know.  I just know.  The waiting is over and it doesn’t feel exactly like I thought it would.

I am trying to find the balance between my appreciation for Spokane and my excitement/worry for Oregon.  I have only moved once in my life and it was to Spokane.  I just don’t have very much experience in this area.

We only have two and a half left months in Spokane and I want to make the most of every moment.  But at the same time, I want to find joy and excitement in the next step of life we are about to take.  How do I do both?  There always seems to be a tension between missing all the people and places I love about Spokane and wanting to find a way to temporarily let go so I can make the transition a little easier.  Does that make sense?

Yesterday I felt so overwhelmed with the thought of leaving Spokane and our cozy home and wonderful friends.  There will always be ups and downs but I have truly loved living in Spokane.  It has a special charm that I will always cherish.  And we have found a church that we so deeply love.  How will we leave it all behind.  I am able to soften the blow by reminding myself that we will come back.  We will collect wonderful experiences along the way and then we will come back and it will all be worth it.

Thank you Spokane for being such a wonderful place to live.


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