europe reflections

7 Mar






paris/notre dame

aix en provence/southern france

Oh how I miss Europe.  Lately, I have been thinking about Europe every day.  More specifically, I have been thinking about France every day.  It might be because my sister and her fiance are planning their honeymoon to Spain right now.  And I am so excited (and jealous) of the amazing adventure they are about to take.  It is going to be spectacular!

Above is a random assortment of photos from my trip.  Every place we visited was life changing and I would be lucky to go back to any one of those countries.  But today I would do anything to go back to France.  Whether it is the cobble stone streets, the crepes (amazing!), the beauty, the laid back culture, the fresh, outdoor markets, the wine cafes in the street, it is all amazing.  Ok, now I am conviced–lets go!


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