Germany Round 2

21 Apr


Three years ago I got the privilege of meeting Stefan and Andrea in Muenster, Germany and ever since I have been trying to find a way to make it back.  Last week I got to stay with them for a few days and explore their wonderful city.  They were willing to open their home to us and my time there was wonderful.  I am amazed by their hosipitality and friendship.  I left feeling like I had made two lifelong friends.

Muenster is a beautiful university town thriving with people and bikes!  There is a statistic that says for every one person in Muenster there are two bikes!  We rented bikes one of the days we were there and rode all around the city and along the lake.  So far, Muenster has had the best weather out of all the places we have been and we were able to enjoy the sun as we rode around the streets of city.  My time with Stefan and Andrea was rich with laughter and great conversation.  Two of our nights there were also spent meeting their friends and it was so wonderful to just take part in their lives for a few days.  I am lucky to have them as my friends and it is my hope that this meeting wasn’t our last. That one day I will make it back again.


We got the unique experience of attending a banquet for the ministry Justin and Heather Tillery run in Germany.  This banquet was a celebration for their trip to Romania and a time of affirmation for the people involved.  Justin and Heather picked us up at our train stop and drove a to a beautiful home outside the city.  We ment many wonderful people and helped them prepare for the banquet.  We all decided it was nice to take part in normal life activities for a change.  At the end of the banquet we watched a slide show illustrating the past year in Youth Compass.  Justin and Heather are doing such a wonderful job ministering to these students and their community.   I went to Germany with Justin and Heather 3 years ago and it is so exciting to see them back here again and making a difference in the lives of people here.

The day after the banquet we were able to spend some time with Justin and Heather.  They showed us around their wonderful city.  We had lunch at an outdoor cafe and enjoyed ice cream as we walked along the river.  It was so good to see them in their ministry and here about their lives.


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