20 Mar

Prague was simply wonderful. We only spent two nights in this enchanting city and I loved every minute of it.  We stayed in a charming hostel which is in the heart of old town and a two minute walk from the famous Astronomical Clock.  Our room was on the fourth floor and from our window we had a view of the Prague Castle.  My bed was tucked away in an upper loft with a latter to access it.  Yesterday I was in need of some space and alone time so I broke away from the group and went for a walk through the city.  After I found an outdoor cafe for a cafe latte and some time to read.

My favorites:

1. Sitting in the window sill of my hostel with the windows wide open while taking in the beautiful view.

2. Learning about the history of this country.

3. Walking across the Charles Bridge at night.

4. Prague Castle

5. Sitting on the bench over looking the Vltava River with the glorious Prague Castle behind it.  We stayed out there until late talking and sharing bread and cheese we had bought from the underground market.

6. The ghost tour.

There is this group throughout Europe called New Europe and they put on free walking tours in a lot of the major cities.  Although it is free they do accept tips and the tours are always pretty great since the guides are working hard for their tips.  We decided to do the walking tour for Prague as it came highly recommended and it was well worth it.  I was amazed by the history and culture of this city.  Our tour took us through the Jewish Quarter and we saw the oldest, still active Jewish synagogue as well as the memorial site representing over 77 thousand Jewish lives lost in the Czech Republic during WWII.  I was overtaken by these numbers and the individual stories behind their lives.  An underground art school was started during the Holocaust for children.  The children drew pictures of parks and their families representing the hope they had in life after the war.  Most of these children never lived through the war.   Each time I hear stories of Hitler and the Holocaust I am overwhelmed with emotion.  This country has experienced deep pain.  Standing in specific sites that were occupied by Hitler and learning about the lives lost during that time remind me of how fragile life is.


3 Responses to “Prague”

  1. Mom March 24, 2010 at 2:56 am #

    We just returned from watching “Alice in Wonderland”! What a crazy show!I’m so thrilled for you! What a great time you are having! Hope you are taking lots of pictures: (I know, they can’t come close to what your own eyes are taking in, huh?)! None the less, we will enjoy looking at them and hearing your stories! The number 77,000 is astounding to hear about the loss of lives to the Jews; man! I watched a program about how some people over there still believe Hitler did right! Wonder if Hitler still believes that! Praying for you! Love you!

  2. Grandpa &GGrandma March 28, 2010 at 3:43 am #

    Hi Michele A lot of what you are seeing and are hearing about as history is what we studied about as current events when we were in school before the U.S. got into the war. I’m sure that you
    are learning a lot about Europe as you enjoy the sights.Love you Grandpa & Grandma

  3. Briana March 29, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Hi friend! I am glad you’re having such a great adventure. It sounds like things are working out. I am living through your experiences for now. Can’t wait for all the stories. So I go home on Friday so I will keep you updated 🙂 love ya!

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