3 Jun

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Hello!  Today is a big day!  I finally get to check off a major goal from my January goal list!  I am so excited to announce to you all that I have finally chosen a new name for my blog! And, along with my new name I have created and designed a new website/blog.  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but was intimidated by the idea of setting up a new URL and committing to a more permanent name.  But, I have finally taken the plunge so I present to you,!

I chose the name, Lavender Kay, because Kay is a very special name to me as it was my mother’s middle name, and I just like lavender.  This project has been a labor of love, and I have spent a lot of time getting it ready.  I am still working out all the bugs, and plan to make many more changes as time goes on, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you my new site!

really wanted to make it so that you didn’t have to re-subscribe to the new site, but I haven’t gotten that part figured out so if you don’t mind, I would love it if you re-subscribed to my blog at  I would be sooo sad to loose any of you as followers, and would be honored if you just took 30 seconds to re-subscribe!  I also wanted to say thank you to you all for following along with me on the exciting journey!  I have loved reading your comments, and can’t wait to share so much more on my new site!

To celebrate my new blog, I have put together a new post on lavender kay that I have been wanting to share with you for a long time.  I worked on a really fun branding project that I would love for you to check out!  So, if you haven’t already clicked on one of my links, I invite you to head on over to my new site by clicking here.  See you over at!


Announcement on Monday!

31 May

blog announcement

Good morning!  Can you believe it is Friday already?!  Do you have any plans for the weekend?   We are headed to Portland today, and Eugene tomorrow so it will probably be a pretty busy weekend!  We are REALLY excited for tomorrow because we have tickets to the Prefontaine Classic track meet!!  This is a very famous track meet Jonathan has always wanted to get tickets to.   The race we are especially anxious to see is the 800m race because it has almost all the runners from the Olympic finals, and should be a pretty good rematch!

I am also really excited to share some big news regarding my blog on Monday!  It is something I have been working on for a long time, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  So stay tuned for Monday, and have a wonderful weekend!

One Amazing Grandpa

30 May

flowers and sun pic

Hi dear friends!  I know I have been MIA lately, and I am so sorry.  Life threw a couple curve balls at us the past couple weeks so we have just been trying to recover from everything.

Two weeks ago I got a call from my dad letting me know that my Grandpa passed away.  It was very sudden, and definitely not something we were expecting.  He was ninety years old, but in good health and still living on his own.  He had just bought a new red car earlier this year, and was still playing pool with his friends every week.  My grandpa was one of the kindest and most loyal people I have ever known.  He had an amazing calmness about him, and it was a quality I deeply admired.  I will always cherish my memories of him.

There was a memorial service for him in my hometown last week that Jonathan and I drove home for.  He was also a WWII veteran so there was twenty one gun veteran tribute for him at the grave site.  Both the veteran service and the memorial service were very healing experiences for me.  It was special to hear stories about his life, and the way he loved others.  He will be greatly missed.

One thing I found that was especially hard about loosing my Grandpa was not being near my family during this rough time.  It was hard to feel like I was dealing with this grief alone.  I felt like I needed to have some quality time with my sister to really deal with my emotions and reflect on my Grandpa’s life.  But I will say, my amazing husband was so loving and supportive through the whole process, and I am so very grateful for him.

A lot of things have been going on since my last post that I can’t wait to update you on, but today I would like to just end with a cheers to my amazing Grandpa!  We love you Grandpa!

(image, via)

The Great Gatsby

15 May

Have any of you seen the new Great Gatsby movie yet?!  If so, what did you think?  Jonathan and I saw it this past weekend, and we were really impressed!  The director, Baz Luhrmann, put a lot of thought and effort into the music for the movie.  Because this story takes place during the Jazz era, Luhrmann wanted the viewers to get a sense of the feeling that came along with the arrival of Jazz.  He seamlessly fused together modern music with the energy of the Jazz era.  It is truly amazing.  The below video is a great featurette explaining the music behind the movie.  I highly recommend watching it before you see the movie!

Spring Instagrams

14 May

Hi there!  How is your week going?  We have been busy doing a lot of traveling lately so I thought I would share some of my recent instagrams from our travels.  We spent a long weekend in Kennewick, Washington awhile back so that we could fit in as much family time as we could before we move to the mid-west.  It was wonderful getting to play with our sweet nieces and nephews!  We also drove to Spokane a week ago to see friends and participate in Bloomsday.  The weather was perfect, and it was just the trip we needed to refresh us before our big move!

instagrams 5

top left: walking through manito park with my sister / top right: our old house / bottom left: my sweet niece and nephew / bottom right: mojito party after we saw the great gatsby

It’s Picnic Time!

9 May

picnic season 1


Hello!  How is your week been treating you?  Ours has been pretty busy like usual!  As I am nearing the end of my program, the projects are piling in, and I am definitely starting to feel the pressure!  But, for the most part, the projects are pretty fun and exciting so I can’t complain.

Yesterday morning Jonathan finished up a 24 hour shift (thats right, 24 HOURS of work!), so we decided to celebrate with a curry picnic.  The weather is getting consistently nicer each day making it officially picnic season!  So we packed up a our tasty curry dinner with some mason jars and a bottle of wine and headed to the park.  It was fabulous being out in the sunshine soaking up some  fresh air!

I also thought it would be fun to round up some picnic season essentials.  The fabulous Kinfolk partnered with Apolis to bring us this picnic/garden bag.  Isn’t it amazing?!

picnic essentials


1. Comfortable Tee 2. Picnic Bag 3. Sandals

Looking Ahead

7 May

milwaukee map

Can you believe it is already May 7th!  I feel like this year is flying by, and I can barely catch my breath!  Jonathan and I are starting to look ahead because we realized we are moving to Milwaukee in six weeks!  I seriously can’t believe it!

To be honest, I have so many different emotions about moving.  Mostly, I am SO excited!  It will be so fun to explore a new city.  I am looking forward to feeling more settled too.  It has been weird living in Oregon, knowing we will be moving in a year.  With Milwaukee, we will be able to settle into the community and make friends.

On the other hand, I am overwhelmed by all the things we have to do before we leave.  My to do list seems to double in size every day!  And, it will be a major adjustment to live so far away from our friends and family!

But overall, I am overjoyed to move to Milwaukee!  I am ready for a change and an adventure!  I found the above picture when I was doing some research for a school project and I thought it was such fun map of the city.  It was designed by Marisa Seguin, and you can check out her other illustrations here!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Crushing on…

3 May

Good morning! Happy Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I am super excited because Jonathan and I are headed to Spokane for the weekend!  The annual Bloomsday race is on Sunday in Spokane so we plan to run it.  As most of you know, I am not a runner but my sister and I plan to run as much as we can and then just have fun walking the rest.  I am also really excited to see all our friends one more time before our big move!

Here is what I have been crushing on lately.  I LOVE this striped pencil skirt from J. Crew!  It’s just so beautiful and you could wear it with so many different things!

crushing on_5.2.13

1. Cute tank 2. Pencil skirt 3. Wedges

Ps.  Sorry if you got an email last night about this post, my blog was acting strange!  Have a great weekend!

May Desktop Calendar

1 May

Hi friends!  I am so sorry I have been MIA!  Life has been a little hectic lately but, I am really hoping to get back to a normal schedule soon.  I have some exciting news I hope to share with you soon too!

In the mean time, I designed a May desktop calendar for you!  Enjoy!

May 2013 Calendar-01


 To download, right click on the picture and choose to open in a new window.  Then when the image shows up in a new window, right click and choose desktop background.

Depoe Bay Adventure

24 Apr

depoe bay 2

You guys!  Oh my goodness, we went to Depoe Bay yesterday, and it was fabulous!  The weather was perfect, and the scenery was so beautiful.  One of my favorite things we did was explored some really cool, secluded beaches where you had to hike on narrow trails to get to them.  It was peaceful because there wasn’t very many people around, making it feel like you had the place to yourself!  I guess this bay is a great place for whale watching, but we didn’t see any while we were there.

To end our adventure we went to this really yummy restaurant for dinner where they served amazing, fresh seafood.  The restaurant had huge windows overlooking the bay, and the view was breathtaking.

Jonathan and I both agreed that one of the things we will miss most about our time in Corvallis is living so close to the Oregon Coast.  I feel so lucky that we can just take off for an afternoon to the beach.

Happy Wednesday friends!